Our Founders

Transine scientific founders are world leaders in functional genomics, transcriptomics, and pioneers in SINEUP® biology. Professor Stefano Gustincich and Professor Piero Carninci, identified a new functional and naturally occurring type of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). Studying regulation of the UCHL1 gene they discovered that the new lncRNA could increase UCHL1 protein expression by interacting with its mRNA and upregulating translation (Carrieri et al., Nature. 2012;491(7424):454-457).

Critically, the academic teams demonstrated that this new regulatory RNA could be engineered on demand to target a chosen gene. They named the molecules SINEUP as it contained an inverted SINEb2 element which is the functional element key to UP-regulating translation of a chosen target.

Transine® collaborates closely with its founders and benefits from ongoing innovation of the platform and the considerable expertise and insight of the inventors of the SINEUP® technology.

Professor Piero Carninci


Piero is Deputy Director of the Division of Genomic Medicine at The Riken, Yokohama and Head of Genomics Research Centre at the Human Technopole. A world-leading expert in genetics, Piero has specific interests in the development of technologies to detect non-coding RNAs and comprehensively screen their functions. He has led a number of international research consortiums including FANTOM, which comprises multiple projects that investigate the mechanisms governing the regulation of the mammalian genome. Piero has over 60,000 citations and in 2017 he was the recipient of the prestigious Shimadzu prize.

Professor Stefano Gustincich


Stefano is Director of the ‘Central RNA Lab’ and Deputy Director for ‘Tech for Life Science’ at IIT, Genoa. In addition, he is Professor in Applied Biology at SISSA, Trieste. As a pioneer in the field of functional genomic approaches to neurobiology, Stefano’s research is focused on non-coding RNAs and RNA-based therapeutics. This work led to the discovery of SINEUPs, the new functional class of lncRNAs, which are the core of the Transine Technology. Stefano’s work has been recognised around the globe and he is the recipient of multiple awards and prizes, including the National Prize for Innovation in Biotechnology.

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